A Modern Reinvention Of A Traditional Classic

Quiche 4 All is reinventing a culinary classic. Using our many years of experience and expertise, we're updating a food staple to serve a new generation of food enthusiasts.

A Family Favorite 
For All Occasions


Quiche 4 All is a bakery café focusing on a new take on quiche. We offer a welcoming café-style bakery with a range of freshly baked foods and a focus on quiche, our specialty and culinary passion.


Our on-site bakery enables us to sell take-home meals and to prepare quiches to order for local restaurants, event organizers, and caterers.


A Quiche for Every Taste


Today's health-conscious customers are more aware of their food options and are looking for alternatives to old-fashioned, unhealthy choices. We use the finest ingredients to make healthy, delicious, versatile quiches for any occasion. We pride ourselves on our novel range of options. 


Gluten Free

For customers with gluten sensitivities or those choosing a healthy, gluten free lifestyle, our gluten free quiches offer a delicious, hearty option guaranteed to please your taste buds.



The Quiche 4 All team are experts in French cuisine. Our traditional quiches combine a range of the finest ingredients to showcase quiche at its best.



A firm favorite with many of our customers, our vegetarian quiche menu offers a lighter meal option but with all the flavor and heartiness of our traditional selection.


Open a Quiche 4 All Franchise


We're a founder-led company with a passion for the best in French baked goods and great customer service.


We are currently offering an exciting franchise opportunity built on our years of experience and unique industry knowhow to motivated entrepreneurs interested in bringing Quiche 4 All to their area.


Contact Us


To learn more about our business, visit us, or to apply for our unique franchise opportunity, please get in touch through our contact page


"We're excited to share our passion for fine foods and help customers enjoy the quiche as a diverse, delicious, and healthy meal."

 - Caroline Quaglio (Founder & CEO)